The company REGULACE - AUTOMATIZACE BOR, spol. s.r.o.
ended its production on December 1, 2016.

About us ...

The company's main activities:

The production of synchronous and stepping motors, geared motors,servo motors HSM and URS connectors and associated activities.


From a technological point of view, the company is well equipped for the small batch and repetitive manufacturing of small-scale engineering components manufactured using metal pressing and metal turning on automatic lathes, including finishing operations (boring, thread production, turning, in-centre grinding, centreless grinding and surface grinding) and assembly work.

The history of the company:

REGULACE-AUTOMATIZACE BOR, spol. s r.o. was established on 11.8.1992 and it is continuing with the production program of the former ZPA NovĂ˝ Bor state enterprise in the area of regulation technology. The company manufactures synchronous and stepping motors, geared motors, servo motors HSM and URS connectorsEngineering production has a tradition within the company's facilities. Originally, metallic accessories for the glass industry were manufactured here. This was followed by special mass military production, the manufacture of consumer goods (shavers, hair driers and timers) and micro-switches.

Example of utilization:

tower clock, rotary show case, road signalling, gramophone, grill, controlling apparatus and the like ...

Packaging - EKO-KOM:

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