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Due to their dynamic properties Type HSM D.C. servo motors satisfy the requirements of computers and related equipment, and automatic control systems embodying high speed incremental or continuous drives. They are suitable for continuous bi-directional duty under on off mode of operation. The bi-directional operation is achieved by changing the polarity of the supply voltage. The torque and speed may be controlled either by the amount of the supply voltage or by pulses. The typical applications for the servo motors are line printers, plotters, valve operators, and a number of ther equipment.



The rotor of the Type HSM D.C. servo motors has no ferromagnetic rotating parts. The rotor features low weight and hence low moment of inertia. The immovable rotor yoke is fixed to the front shield of the servo motor. The servo motor is excited from permanet magnets with a high coefficient of BHmax., and so it can reach an optimum saturation in the air gap and thus high starting torque.

The head produced by electrical and mechanical losses during servo motor operation is removed from Type HSM 150 C by means of cooling air which is supplied to the servo motor from the fan through dia. 36 mm flexible hose connected to the air distributor sleeve local on the rear shield of the servo motor. The cooling air is delivered to three dia. 16 mm input holes through which it enters radially into the inner space of the servo motor. The cooling air is further directed by means of a special insert along the surface of the rotor to remove head from it. The warm air gets out axially through four dia. 21 mm holes located on the front shield of the servo motor.


Design features

  • excellent dynamic parameters due to very short electromechanical and electrical time constants
  • considerable linearity of torque characteristic, and torque stability
  • high starting-to-rated torque ratio, and high angular acceleration
  • wide range of flexible speed and torque control

Working conditions

ambient temperature: +5 °C to +35 °C
relative humidity of air: max. 80%
atmospheric pressure: 90 to 110 kPa
duty: continuous
position: arbitrary, but preferably horizontal
environment: dust-free, without harmful effects

Table of versions

361-90001-0 HSM 60 with tapered shaft
361-90002-0 HSM 60 with cylindrical shaft
360-90001-0 HSM 150 with tapered shaft
360-90002-0 HSM 150 with cylindrical shaft
360-90003-0 HSM 150 C (force cooled) with tapered shaft
360-90004-0 HSM 150 C (force cooled) with cylindrical shaft
351-90001-0 HSM 300 with cylindrical shaft

Installation, connection, maintenance

The mode of installation of the servo motor and connection of the driven equipment to the servo motor shaft must not cause additional radial and axil stresses upon the bearing. We recommend that a sensor (tachodynamo, position pickup) should be mounted on the servomotor shaft on the commutator side and to connect the load to the other side of the shaft.

No special maintenance is required due to the totally enclosed design of the servo motor. We recommend that the interior of the servo motor should be cleaned from brush dust always after about four months´ operation.


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20 pieces HSM 150 servo motors with tapered shaft (360-90001-0)